Davis Community Church Nursery School (DCCNS) is a nonprofit program open to all children between the ages of 15 months and five years who are ready for a group experience. As a parent cooperative, DCCNS benefits greatly from strong parent participation in both the classroom and in program development.

DCCNS is part of the overall educational and outreach effort of Davis Community Church (DCC). DCC remains very committed to our school and supports DCCNS in all kinds of tangible ways. Since DCC provides DCCNS with administrative support, custodial services, building and grounds support, and rent-free classrooms and meeting space, all tuition and fundraising revenue is spent directly on classroom costs (staff salaries and classroom materials and equipment).

DCCNS is open to families of all faiths and backgrounds. While the DCCNS curriculum is guided loosely by a Christian philosophy, no Christian doctrine is taught at DCCNS. Central to the mission of DCCNS is the creation of an environment in which families from all backgrounds and traditions feel comfortable, welcome and respected.